QPS Outsourcing offers master payroll processing in 39 African Countries. Our unique multilayer governance approach ensures compound interacting authority structures at work on your payroll supported by expert and industry specialists. Keeping your payroll 100% compliant and paying your staff on time is our main focus.

This level of proficiency applies to each country in which your business operates. As your company expands, you can rely on a team of always-on payroll professionals with the right legislative knowledge to support your growth and understand industry standards and apply shared knowledge due to an extensive footprint.

QPS Outsourcing supports your in-house staff and this will dramatically reduce your payroll and HR teams’ administrative workload – allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks adding greater value to the business. QPS fully comprehends the modern business’s need for privacy and security. We use advanced professional methods to guard against data loss. Our cloud-based solution gives you the exceptional advantage of cloud data exchange while delivering the ultimate in cyber security.

Our unique Cloud Room facility provides a secure platform to exchange all-encompassing payroll information. The Cloud Room facility is also fully integrated with a ticket management system to allow the track- and tracing of all payroll information.


1. Specialists

Payroll & Product Specialists dedicated to your account

All payroll variances checked and verified via 3 tier method

2. Compliance

Embedded Statutory Compliance in all payroll aspects across African region

Compliance & Footprint in 39 African Countries

3. CloudRoom

The CloudRoom facility provides a secure data exchange and dedicated payroll communication channel enabling the precise management of the payroll process and information.

4. Measurable

Payroll process tracking

Integrated performance indicators

Comprehensive ticketing system

5. Integrated

Fully integrated technological service and platform to reduce internal information overhead

Solutions geared towards centralised approach.

6. Progress

Robust needs analysis per client

Continued process reevaluation, alignment and automation

7. Efficiencies

Provides measurable efficiencies in regards to financial, human resources management and labour related performance.

8. Agile

Agile service to cater to all expected and unexpected business circumstances

Payroll Platform portability to take in-house.

9. Business Match

Provides a business matched vehicle for the continued modernisation towards current and future payroll market technologies and trends.

10. Accessibility

Client users have real-time access to payroll and HR information.

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