QPS offers users best-in-class Recruitment software, powered by Breezy HR, a leading cloud-based recruitment solution. This end-to-end recruitment platform is designed to optimise your recruiting process and support your entire team. Attract and hire great employees in less time and using less effort with this user-friendly, feature-rich software.

QPS Recruitment, powered by Breezy HR will streamline your entire hiring process; giving you more time to connect with candidates by automating manual tasks like job posts, advertising on job boards, interview scheduling and follow-ups. Including all the tools your team needs to hire more efficiently, from employee referrals and sourcing tools for LinkedIn and dozens of others to custom scorecards and interview guides. With QPS Recruitment, you’ll be making better hiring decisions in less time.
Recruiting for your organisation is more just than filling a space.

QPS Recruitment provides exceptional talent in areas and markets we know best across the continent. From Contractors to Executives, QPS appreciates the necessity for confidentiality, focus and delivery in a market that relies on the type of dedication we deliver.

What’s the QPS Recruitment Approach?

Our team consists of a diverse group of recruiters who share a passion for recruiting and bringing together the most important elements of the recruitment process.

As an agency that endeavors to use every available tool to recruit and help you build your business, we place a high value on our people because their experience is vital but we also utilise business tools that ensure that your candidates are the best candidates for you and are reflective of your business.

You are investing in your staff, so we are determined to provide a fast, efficient and reliable service.

What’s the QPS Recruitment Journey?

Our vision has been developed through passion, relentless engagement with the recruitment environment and a deep understanding that every company should have a staff contingent that are reflective of their true potential.

Our philosophy is simple – let us handle your recruitment needs by actively providing you with a fast, effective and consistent service. Our reputation is our most valuable asset and we will attend to your needs as they arise, ensuring that we provide candidates who are qualified and motivated so that you can focus on your core business.

What’s the QPS Recruitment Solution?

Our newly established recruitment division provides a full recruitment solution with a comprehensive niche database skilled local and foreign candidates. Our niche specialist recruitment division specialise in sourcing candidates who are screened and selected for their qualifications, experience and high level of skills, to provide for your direct needs and skills shortages.

We pride ourselves on our intimate industry experience and knowledge of specific sectors. While proactively building a database for these sectors, we ensure successful recruiting for recognised sector shortfalls and demands.

A cornerstone of the employee-centric culture and the growth of your business is further defined by generating the best employment opportunities the market has to offer. Our guarantee of a growing pipeline of employment opportunities is invaluable in an extremely competitive labour market.

Why pay unnecessary fees and high placement fees to recruitment companies that does not understand your business culture, employee culture or your niche business strategy? QPS Recruitment offers two unique solutions:

  1. DIY – Do It Yourself: you pay a monthly depending on the number of vacancies.
  2. Let QPS Recruitment source and place your candidate at our competitive placement fee incl. criminal, qualification and credit checks.



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